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Please enjoy my guest blog post appearance today for the Women’s Writing Circle. Click the link to read my post and many others from a diverse and talented group of writers. Thanks for tuning in.




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published author, blogger, certified yoga teacher, meditator, tree hugger, four seasons devotee, courageous learner, and flawsome spark of the Divine.

4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger

  1. Comments from this blog posted on Facebook:

    Jason Zaczyk
    My husband & myself know all to well about the cruelty of a dysfunctional family. The healing moment came when we both rose above their ignorance with our own self worth & determination not to become a product of what we left behind. We are both no longer a victim of our past but a complete success of our present.

    Terri Kiral
    I’m sorry for your painful experience. Please understand, I never felt there was cruelty involved in my situation. In fact, there was incredible love, but the residue of others pain can sometimes cloud the experience. I was blessed with a good home environment but had to find my own way through what I felt to be missing. You can read the details of my story when the book (The Life Unexpected: An Anthology of Stories and Poems) is released in November. I do, however, empathize with the many emotions that occur through divorce or any other family misfortunes. It is good to know you have found your peace.

    Jason Zaczyk
    More of an acceptance than a peace. Some things just can’t be forgiven or forgotten… and I can live with that through grace.


  2. I won’t go into details but I can really relate to you. I’m not catholic and I’m far younger than you but there are times you really feel the absence


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